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PlanetAir Overview





PlanetAir Turf Products manufactures non-disruptive aeration equipment in Owatonna, Minnesota.  Over the last 10 years they have continued to improve and perfect their design and performance of the machine. With their introduction of the Trifecta series in 2010 their products have become an indispensable tool to the Golf Course Superintendent.

Aeration Equipment for turf maintenance.

Product Highlights:

  • HD50PTO and the HD50 Tow:  PlanetAir is the fastest, most efficient tool for frequent non-disruptive aeration. Aerate 18 greens in four (4) hours.
  • Tri-Fecta 50: PlanetAir’s new Tri-Fecta 50 is the first in a new line of greens maintenance tools. It is named because it does three procedures in one operation – deep vertical slicing, soil maintenance, and surface maintenance.
Watch the video below to learn more about PlanetAir products:


What We Carry: