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Pequea Overview



Pequea (pronounced "peck-way") Machine Inc. is a manufacturer of turf maintenance equipment. The company originated in the Lancaster County, PA, area and was founded by an Amish farmer. What started as a small initiative by one person on a farm is now a large-scale operation on a 100,000 sqft property in New Holland, PA. Pequea is committed to a family-friendly business model blended with innovation and growth. 

Pequea has four product groups: Ag Equipment, Trailers, Turf Products and Commercial Wood Chippers. 

Product Highlights:

  • The GT-100uvm™ is a precision top dresser that can be mounted on today's premium utility vehicles. Designed specifically for golf course and sports turf management professionals. The unique quick mount system allows for easy vehicle installation and removal.
  • The GT-100 from Pequea Turf has been tailor made for golf course management professionals. Fully adjustable gates, conveyor and spinners create precise spread depth and pattern. With the optional TURFtronic™ vehicle mount control system, you can make adjustments to the spread pattern as you work without stopping the machine or getting off your vehicle.
  • Pequea SuperSpreader™ units are built to last and are uniquely designed to evenly spread a wide variety of materials from aggregates to mulch. The "V" shaped body increases efficiency and provides greater maneuverability. Hydraulic controls adjust belt and spinner speeds to each job's requirements. With a choice of three drive styles and three hopper sizes, green industry professionals will have the right equipment for their top-dressing job.
  • The GT-50 is the newest product and the most compact top dresser in the Pequea Turf line. It comes standard with 9 HP Honda engine to provide ample, self-contained power to run the floor belt and the double spinner in the rear.
  • The new FX650 Material Handler/Spreader boasts a wide variety of features to make it compatible for your application. The FX650 6 yd. can not only move material to bunkers, irrigation and reconstruction projects, or serve as a tender for smaller Top dressers, but it will also evenly spread all kinds of material up to 40 feet wide.
Watch the video below to learn more about Pequea Products:

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